Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sorry? Is that all you can say?

Sorry...sorry...sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry. Whats the difference anyway? Its just SORRY. 5 letters says it all. Is that the only word you can say? Is that the only word you can think of right now to say to someone you've hurt so badly? I just don't get you. You seemed so different from the very first time I met you. You were so talkative before. You had more that just a mere SORRY. What happened to the man I fell in love with? The one I got engaged to? The one I planned to marry? The one I was going to build a family with? What happened? Where is he now? Has he forgotten himself? You don't just go around sending me messages or appearing on facebook, telling me how sorry you were and expecting me to forgive and forget the past and to accept you back in my life. You can't do that. You simply can't. It's so unfair. It's so so unfair to me. What have I done to deserve this misery and pain? It is so unfair. Why do all the bad guys get what they want and the good guys suffer in hell? Like I said previously, I will not forgive you this time. You have just gone too far. You don't deserve my forgiveness anymore. I can't bare to see you anymore. You're such a loser. Such a miserable man. You want the world to feel miserable just like you.

Don't think you can hide anything from me anymore, Brian. I spoke to your sister oday. She told me all about you. She did. Everything and anything. I felt that I didn't even know you during these 2 years of our relationship. But she managed to sum it up in just 15 minutes. All about you. You've been miserable all your life, ever since you were born up till today. But you never seize the opportunity to make those around you as miserable as yourself. You hurt people along the way but does that ever bother you? Do you look back sometimes and gave thought to what you've done or what you've said that may hurt those around you? I guess not. Since you're daring enough to pull such a trick on me. I've closed my heart when it comes to your love. You're no longer a part of me now. I'm free..

P/S : I know that you're reading my postings up here. So if you do read this, please, do not send anymore text messages to me. Spare yourself the trouble of doing so. And moreover, spare my life, will ya?

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