Friday, April 2, 2010

So What!??

And so you decided to ring me up after months of silence.
And so you decided to say 'Hi Trinity. How are you,baby?"
And so you expected me to reply you in a sweet and loving way.

But when you had realized that I would never change or go soft anymore.

You changed your ways.
You changed your approach.
And you changed your tone of voice.

And so you told me that you're getting married.
And so you told me her name is Tiffany.
And so you told me she was a girl from your hometown back in Dublin.
A very old friend of yours, or shall I call it childhood lovers.
And so you said, 'Please come to my wedding in Singapore'.
And so you hoped that I would start crying and crumble to the floor
Or even to drop my phone and then grow weak and start begging you to come home.
And so you expected me to say something....

'So what?' was all I said
So what if you are getting married?
So what? It has nothing to do with me.
We were officially through on valentines day this year.
So what if her name is Tiffany and she's a white chick from Dublin.
So what?
I couldnt care less or shall I say give a damn about this.

And so you changed your ways again.
And so you told me not to be sad and that I will find someone soon.

Well guess what?
I have found him!
I have found the man of my dreams.
The man I am going to spend my lifetime with.
And the man that is worth my time.

So, so what if you're getting married,Brian.
I am getting married too!!

- Written by Trinity 2.06am 03/04/2010