Saturday, January 9, 2010

Greece - Here I Come!!

It seemed like I just went for a vacation 2 weeks ago and here I am, planning for another vacation yet. Well, usually I only take my leave in December, so some of you may have thought that I am planning for December 2010’s vacation. You’re so dead wrong!! I am planning for a vacation but the vacation is this February, during the CNY break. Since I have quite a number of days left in my AL and since we have 3 days break for CNY this year, so all in all I have like 10 days break that week, I shall be leaving for Athens, Greece to visit my dearest penpal, Irene Apolostoki. I got to know her from my school friend, Audrey, actually, Irene was her penpal before me. And that was like 10 years ago. So, Irene had wanted more friends from Malaysia and that was when Audrey passed my address to her. And so the friendship begins. From letters to e-mails to text messages and to phone calls, this is merely to show the advancement of technology. Yup, we’re still friends after 10 years. Irene, well, was married 2 years back. She did send me the invitation card but I couldn’t make it back then. But then, 2 years later, here I am, going to Greece to see her, at last!! I actually can’t wait to be there, to taste the finest pastries and chocolates, to learn about the Greek culture and to visit the land of the GODS and Goddesses. You know when people say that you’re a Greek Goddess.

And guess who is accompanying me on my trip? Well, its none other than my beloved fiancĂ©, Brian Anthony. Its no joke. I spoke to him after my Swiss trip and he agreed to tag along with me to Athens. Perhaps, this should be the time for us to rekindle our relationship and look back at 2009 and plan the future together. Whether we would be together or not depends very much on this trip. I must say, my feelings for him is still there and of course, I still want him back. Perhaps, I should give him another chance. But that doesn’t mean that he will forgive me right? But who knows, he might and things might just work out well. I know, it will !!

Bought my ticket yesterday after searching for it for quite a few days. Damn MAS for not flying to Athens. So, I had to fly with Emirates. The ticket costs us RM4145 each, return of course. Will be leaving from KL to Dubai on 13/02 and would have a stopover for 5 hours in Dubai before my flight to Athens. I really don’t mind stopping in Dubai, since I can buy loads of duty free stuff there. Its better than CHENNAI!! And besides, I have lots of friends in that place. I can contact Erin, a stewardess with Emirates or even Ajantha, my ex. But I rather not, since I’m with my fiancĂ©. Haha..I’m just afraid that I may still have feelings for Ajantha and this may be unfair to Brian.

Brian booked the hotel last night. We were online last night till 3am arguing on the choices of hotels. In the end, we settled for Hilton Athens, since I have the Hnors Loyalty card and can redeem for 2 nights stay. We just had to pay for 5 nights stay which amounted to around 800 Euros. Not bad huh?

So basically, everything is done and we’re just waiting for the time to come. Or at least I’m waiting anxiously for this trip. So is Irene and Matt (her hubby). He had always wanted to meet his wife’s dearest penpal from Malaysia, me!

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