Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lets Talk About Friendship

I have something good that I really wanna talk about.

Its about 3 totally different individuals, from different parts of the world, doing different things but yet, there is a common interest that they all share. What is it? Acting...

1st Individual – Michael Chen

Michael’s a really down to earth individual. Well, I met him in college. Wondering which college eh? Its Kemayan ATC, KL, where we both studied law there. I think it was somewhere in 2004. Michael was in the same class as me, during lectures and even tutorials. I don’t really know him very well but we did cross paths. I mean, he was the most good looking guy in college as most of the girls, well, are crazy for him. They fall heads over heels when they see him. But in short, Michael is just friendly. Really, honestly. He is a really friendly guy. If you need help in assignments, he’s always there. But then when I graduated from law school, we lost contact. I mean, I hadn’t seen him for almost 3-4 years now and honestly, I hadn’t thought about him at all. Seriously!! Probably because we weren’t very close back then. I mean, he was closer to Rosie and Sumathi then. Although I must admit, me and my best friend, Debbie did try to catch his attention then. Who would resists a good looking guy, right? But anyway, he was a good student. An ‘A’ student in college. Maybe because of his matured thinking and his creative ideas. He excels in class and always scores the highest in assignments and group work. But that was then...

Last Wednesday, I was watching 8tv Quickie and got a shocked of my life!! Guess who I saw. Well who else, if its not Michael Chen! He’s hair is a bit longer now but he still remained handsome, as usual! He was promoting his new act, The Swimming Instructor. I really cannot believe my eyes! Michael! Our Michael from ATC is now an actor. So, I do wonder, what happened to his law degree? Hmmph...

2nd Individual – Peter J. Elias

I must say, I don’t really know this man yet. I met him through Facebook. GOD knows how he ended up on my list or how I ended up on his list. But anyway, yesterday I was chatting on IMO when I saw him online. So, I said Hi and Who is this please? And well, he responded to me. He said he was Peter J Elias, an actor. Well, naturally, I wouldn’t believe at first. I mean, since I wasn’t logged into FB at that time. But of course, within seconds, I was in FB, checking out his profile. I also did some research on him by typing his name on Google. Well, guess what! I have his profile on my screen within seconds, even his movies lists. He had acted in quite a few movies, well, not really big time movies but still, its a movie, right? I did asked him where I could get my hands on his movies but there was no reply up till today.

I did watch ‘Scandal’ on today. Just the trailer or a clip. Not a bad movie anyway. He did tell me that he would make it big one day. Well, I really hope so. I really hope he would make it to the silver screens soon and win the Oscars.

I’m really proud to have a friend, an actor, all the way from the States. Really honoured.

3rd Individual – The One and Only Razak Rahim

There’s only one Razak Rahim in this universe. And that’s the one who is currently working in the same office as me. Yeah, that Razak Rahim. The guy who suffers from severe short-term memory loss. Seriously!! A really fun individual to be around with but he is someone who is always ‘kelam kabut’. Don’t ever get him confused, or else he would be lost the whole day. But really, this guy is a talented person. He sings, acts and plays the guitar. He’s like the complete package. And I must say, he’s really a ladies’ man. I mean, every lady dreams of a man who can sing, plays musical instruments and is ‘romantic.’ Err..the romantic thingy, I’m not sure. But all I can say is this guy here is a true friend. A friend who stays. But its kinda difficult at times coz he cant remember facts sometimes. Hahaha.. Sorry, bro. But sometimes, you feel like you wanna give him a slap @ lempang laju-laju.

I mean, of all 3 individuals, this is the only person that I see everyday. So, its means I spend quite some time with him. So, I have a basic idea about him. He’s afraid of failure, that’s all I can say. When he faces it, it brings him down. He doesn’t accept failure. He wants perfection. And he is a perfectionist, anyway. Anyhow, I’m really proud to be his friend.

But I guess I’m really glad to have crossed paths with these 3 talented individuals.

Wouldn’t want it anyway else, wouldn’t I?

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