Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's Wrong with Peeps Nowadays!!

I woke up this morning, got online to read the news and guess what I saw :

US mother kills teen son and daughter (Updated)

TAMPA, Florida (AP): The wife of a military officer shot and killed her son on the way to soccer practice, then drove to their upscale home and shot her daughter in the head while she studied at her computer, police said Friday. Afterward, the woman told detectives she killed the teens for being "mouthy." Julie Powers Schenecker admitted the slayings after officers found her covered in blood on the back porch of her home Friday morning, police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said. Schenecker's mother had called police from Texas because she was unable to reach the 50-year-old woman, whom she said was depressed and had been complaining about her children. Schenecker's husband, Parker Schenecker, is an Army colonel stationed at the headquarters of U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. The father had been away for several days when the killings happened, said CentCom spokesman Lt. Col. Michael Lawhorn, describing him as a career Army intelligence officer. Police said Parker Schenecker was in Qatar and was told of his children's deaths on Friday. Julie Schenecker left a note detailing her plans to kill her disrespectful children and then herself, saying "they talked back and were mouthy and that she was going to take care of it," McElroy said. She provided the same motive to police who interviewed her. "I think we will never understand how or why a mother could take the lives of her children," McElroy said. "That was the only reason she provided to our detectives." The body of Schenecker's daughter, Calyx Powers Schenecker, 16, was found in an upstairs bedroom, McElroy said. The body of her son, Powers Beau Schenecker, 13, was found in an SUV in the garage. An arrest affidavit said Schenecker shot her son twice in the head "for talking back" while driving him to soccer practice Thursday night. She drove home, went inside and shot her daughter in the back of head while the teen sat at a computer doing homework, then shot her in the face, the affidavit said. McElroy said investigators believe the teens "never saw it coming." Both were killed with a .38-caliber pistol. Julie Schenecker was jailed and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Wearing a white jumpsuit, she was led into a county jail later Friday visibly shaking and being supported by a sheriff's deputy. Her Facebook page says she earned a bachelor's degree in physical education from the University of Northern Iowa. Sylvia Carroll, who attended Muscatine High School in Iowa with Julie Schenecker, said she was a popular and athletic girl who starred in basketball in the late 1970s. They reconnected about a year ago on Facebook. "I'm just in shock," said Carroll, who now lives in Austin, Texas. "I can't believe this." The family's home is on a cul-de-sac in a gated country club community in north Tampa.

And I was like, you've got to be kidding me right? A mother, who is supposed to care and love for their children...speechless, simply speechless. I mean, as a kid, aren't we supposed to look up to our parents or least they are the only ones we can trusts because they are family? And to me, its pretty normal for teens to be 'mouthy', don't you think? You know,our parents are from their own generation and we are the present generation, which is way more open and advance, and definitely there will be conflicts at times. But still..sigh, speechless, just speechless. But somehow, it does remind me of my mother, back in secondary school. I was like any other growing up teen, naughty as ever...stubborn!! And sometimes when I get 'mouthy', my mother just walks over gracefully and gives me a tight SLAP...Hahahahaha...and then I would run to granny and cry. But after a day or two, well, things go back to how its supposed to be. She's still my mother. And I'm still her daughter. No hard feelings but perhaps, that's just the way she deals with me and her way of bringing me up. So, when I reflect back to those moments, I think a SLAP is much better than a bullet through my brains...

Although I haven't been a mother myself, but I will look forward to being one some day, hopefully with the man that I will spend my entire life with loving, err...its a bit exaggerated huh. But even then, I will never ever raise my hands on them. Most people who are already mothers may tell me, "its easier said than done" but hey, trust me and you can throw me a challenge, I will definitely never ever hit my children. Ask people around me, my friends, my parents, my cousins, I'm a very gentle person when it comes to kids, even if the kid is annoying..Hehehehe..but no matter how annoying they are, they are still young innocent kids and they are just doing it to catch their parent's attention, right? I'm sure I've done that when I was a kid...haven't you? Ask yourself...(and don't lie..)

And besides, it takes a lot to become a mother. The 9 month pregnancy think its easy? The sickness and the pain...but at the end of the day, when the child is born, its all worth it! That is why I don't understand how that lady can have the heart to kill both her children....just don't understand and still speechless by her actions.

My oh my..people nowadays are getting weirder and crazier......

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