Friday, January 28, 2011

50 Facts You Didn't Know About Me But Now You Do

Here are 50 facts that you may not know about me but perhaps you should know now. And trust me, even my best friend doesn't know them...

1) My first English name given by my mum was Shereen.
2) I have a pet cat named Coco when I was 10 but my dad took it away because I was naughty.
3) I reached puberty at the age of 14. (oops...)
4) My first boyfriend was at the age of 16.
5) I first drove my mum's car at the age of 15, illegally la of course.
6) I knocked my dad's Volvo onto a tree while reversing but thank god nothing happened.
7) I sneaked out to a friend's party at the age of 12 (a little devil...)
8) I had a crush on a guy from the same school bus at the age of 12. His name was Andrew.
9) I faked a stomach ache once to get my mum send me to school.
10) I skipped school once just to hangout at Mc Donalds.
11) I rode a bike at the age of 13 and met with an accident. (i was hospitalized for a week..)
12) I skipped my tuition class just to hang out at Midlands with my boyfriend.
13) I skipped my add maths tuition and went shopping once (my dad caught me actually..)
14) My first car was a Proton Wira (PEA 981) and its in Penang now.
15) I was born in Kangar, Perlis.
16) I was adopted by this current family in Penang soon after birth.
17) I was born with a heart condition (probably the reason for adoption)
18) My second car was a Naza Citra (WMV 8839) but I sold it when I bought the BLM.
19) My first job was as a waitress in Big O's Deli @ Island Plaza, Penang.
20) I lost my virginity when I was 19 (or was it 18...) to my Sri Lankan boyfriend.
21) I have a second degree in Mass Communication from Monash University in Sunway.
22) I major in Criminal Law, Criminology and Law of Evidence.
23) My favourite subjects in school are English and Accounts. (truly unbelievable)
24) I have a novel coming out soon and its called The Web of Deceit (name given by Iq)
25) My second English name was Crystal (given by yours truly during school days..)
26) I was a Buddhist during my younger days back in Penang.
27) I was baptised by Father Peter in St Francis Xavier Church on 23rd November 2003.
28) My best friend is James. (hah! many of you thought it was Deborah!)
29) My favourite movie is still 'The Devil Wears Prada'.
30) I am the only child in the family.
31) My room walls used to be covered with BSB, 911, Spice Girls posters.
32) I had a crush on my computer class teacher when I was 15.
33) I stole 3 textbooks from ******** during secondary school.
34) My favourite song is 'Forever Begins Tonight' by Patrizio Buanne.
35) My favourite colour is Red ( one knows!)
36) I have co-owned an online store selling car decorations (bet you have no idea..)
37) I only use tampons during menstruation. (never used pads coz its messy..)
38) I always switch off my mobile phones on weekends.
39) I have an AMEX charge card (ahaks!!)
40) Iq bought me my latest BB Curve casing (the pink one and I love it..)
41) I spoke to Dilly of Mix FM yesterday and she was extremely friendly.
42) I've driven to KLIA in 30 minutes from my house in Flora. (like KLIA Express..)
43) I hate RICE. Thank you.
44) I like SAVOURY PASTRIES. Thank you.
45) I've tried committing suicide once but it failed. (terrible lah..damn painful)
46) My first handphone was Startec, when I was in Form 3.
47) I hate messy people and places.
48) I like street food more than restaurant/hotel food.
49) I'm 5ft 9" and I weigh ****** (hahahaha..never in a million years till the day I die)
50) I am a Stephen King fan. (thriller babeh!!)

So, after reading this blog, you think you know me now? Guess what!! You still don't! That's just like 50 interesting (huh?) facts about me...I think I have way more than that...Hahahahahaha

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