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Scandaling Made Easy

Some one had asked me a few hours ago how I was so lucky when it comes to men. Well, I don't think myself as lucky but I do have the courage to go for it if I really want that person. How can I be lucky when I have two failed engagements? Well, not exactly two, maybe one coz the first one, I had actually dumped him. Well, dumped him for the second one and only to find out that the second one isn't really the guy for me. So it was a mutual understanding that we both should walk our separate paths. So,I guess the count stands at one at the moment.

Well, my friend's question had actually brought me back 6-7 years ago when I was still in college...

I was a real bitch when I was in the early 20s', all alone in Kuala Lumpur, had complete freedom, and most importantly BROKE. Well, I used to keep up with the trend back then, always shopping, skipping classes just to go shopping. So, I was usually broke by 10th of the month, not counting that I had to pay my rent of RM250. At that
point, food was not a big deal. If I didn't have money to eat, it didn't matter. I would skip meals just so that I would have money for clothes. It wasn't easy then. And then came the real deal. A friend from college asked me if I was keen on making more money and who would resists right! And soon I was hooked up to an American, in his 50s', a businessman, who travels to Malaysia once in every three months. Fortunately enough, we clicked. And then came the luxurious lifestyle. Its like a package, really! A luxurious condominium in the heart of KL was mine (actually he rented it out for me), I was driving a Cefiro (he had rented it for me as well), and an allowance of RM3000 was mine to spend. Just what a girl like me needed! Owh, did I forget to mention that he had paid my college fees and exams as well? And then settled off my loan with PTPTN? How could I resists such an offer right? And besides I have all the freedom in the world. He didn't really care what I was doing or who I was seeing when he was not around. Just as long as when he's down for a week, I'm there. But undeniably, sex was a topic then. I mean, obviously he had wanted something from his investment right? You can say I was sort of his 'mistress' in Malaysia but the way I see it, he's just like a 'Sugardaddy'. Our relationship had gone on for about 3 years before he retired and went back to USA. By then, I had graduated and was living on my own. So, that was it. It had ended just like this, or at least that was what I had thought. But somewhere in 2006, or was it 2005 year end, he contacted me. He said he was coming down to KL with his wife for a holiday and had wanted to meet me. I immediately froze! OMG!! Did his wife find out about it? And they're here now looking for me? But in the end we met. Me, him and his wife, Marcia. A lovely lady indeed. Sweet old lady. He introduced me as Trinity, his 'god-daughter' in Malaysia. God daughter? Huh? Since when? Hahahaha... That night, we had dinner at a restaurant called Fisherman's Cove. It's in Feast Village @ Starhill Gallery. Sometimes, when I look at the photos we took that night, it reminded me of the GOOOD times I had with him, as in my 'god father'. I hadn't heard from him after that night but lately in 2008, he sent me an e-mail. Probably he was trying to contact my mobile but had failed (coz I had changed my number then). He asked how I was and whether I was married bla..bla..bla..and he did mention about his newly born grandson, Mikey and how busy he was looking after the baby. Though he didn't say if he was going to
come to KL but never the less, we still kept in contact till today. He still sends Mikey's photos over and photos of himself and his family and sometimes, I do send my photos over as well. Probably he got a shock after seeing my photos. Imagine the difference of how I look 7 years ago, the pussycat doll look and how I look today...
That was the story I told my friend just now. Guess no one knew who I was 7 years ago! But I was a bitch, you can say that.

But let's just say, if you're looking for a SCAN, or if you've marked your target, then you should go for it! I mean, why should you be afraid of rejection? If he says no, then move on. He's just a stranger. After this, you wouldn't even see him at all. But if you do somehow meet him again, then its called FATE. Well, generally, I was
referring to picking up a man in the mall or public areas. Not those in the office where you meet everyday. So, recently, I made a move on a man in KLCC. A real cool move and it was quite a hit actually.

Let me share my experience here...

I was actually passing by KLCC, to the exact Marks & Spencer, and the cookies there are just simply irresistable.

So, I had to go in and get a few packs for myself, of course. Eventually I went in, browse through some dresses, coz they have big sizes available, tried on some shoes, tested some perfumes, run my hands through some silky bras, and there he was!! This gorgeous looking white man, tall, built, charming. Simply charming!! So being a professional in this, as in collecting SCANS, I walked across to the men's area, I didn't notice that I had actually walked into the briefs and boxers section. In my head, I was like DARN!! I couldnt have possibly get him to do this! Then, HAH, thank GOD, I turned and saw some ties hanging there. Phew!! By then, he was walking towards
me. I had to make my move. Otherwise, it would be a disaster. So, I had this confused look and was examining the tie I had pulled from the rack. And so I said, "Excuse me, do you mind lending me a hand here?" He looked confused at first but still walked towards me. I gave him the sweetest smile ever. And so he said.

He : Sorry, but I dont work here.
Me : I know. I just need help in choosing a tie. I'm trying to buy a tie for my friend and well, I can't decide on the colour. And I saw you for afar. You looked like you have taste in fashion.

We both laughed. He then picked up a purple tie and handed to me.

Me : If you dont mind, can I try it on you? Just to see how it looks.

He agreed and turned. And there I was, tying the tie around his neck, like how a wife would do for her man. Such a romantic scene when I look back and think bout it. Perfect!! The tie was perfect on him. And at least I know that would be his choice.

Me : Thank you err..I'm Lynn. What's your name?
He : I'm Brian.

I froze for a moment. How could he have the same name as that IDIOTIC Ex of mine!! Argh..!!! I was going to say Goodbye Brian. I don't like you now because of your name. But that sounded silly, isn't it? But then, it would be a pity to let a gorgeous hunk like him slip through my fingers. But his voice had brought me back.

He : Hello Lynn. Are you alright?
Me : Yeah I'm fine. Thank you Brian
He : So, are you buying this tie? Is it for a special someone?
Me : No, its just a friend, that's all. His birthday is coming up actually.
He : Right, ok!

Right then, I knew I had to jump straight in before the opportunity vanishes.

Me : So, are you here for business or leisure?
He : Business actually. I travel to Malaysia all the time, like every month for about a week.
Me : Owh. So Brian, how can I contact you? I mean, I just want to ask you out for a drink, to thank you for your help today.

He then took out his namecard and handed it to me. Ohh!! A Canadian! Excellent!

Me : But, this is your canadian cellphone right? How can I contact you in KL?
He : I'm at C*** Midvalley. Call the hotel and look for me, Brian *****, room 18**

Yes!! At that moment, I felt like hugging myself and congratulating myself for this grand victory!! Yes! I did it!! And so I bought the tie, wrapped it up nicely and placed it in a nice paperbag. On Friday morning, I called the hotel and looked for him, asked him out to dinner just around the mall. So, after work, I rushed home to
change and headed down to meet him. We had dinner at the hotel cafe that night and well, when it was the perfect moment, I gave the tie to him.

He : I thought it was for your friend.
Me : Yeah it was for my friend but I THINK IT LOOKS BETTER ON YOU (Ladies, please take note of this AYAT POWER)

He blushed a little and then thanked me for the present. The night was long. Dinner, a lil chit chat, and we ended up in the cinema at The Gardens. I left the hotel at around 11pm that night with the intetion of getting in touch with him again tomorrow or soon, but of course before he leaves on Sunday. But then, my EX, Brian had to create a commotion that night and had forced me to fly down to Singapore to settle this SHIT!! Damn you BRIAN ANTHONY!!

So this is my story, ladies. Take it as an experience that I wanna share with you. My life, my story and my ideas on how to hook a man. Like I told my friend just now, I may compile my life stories and then write a book when I'm 60. The title should be "Scandling for DUMMIES" or "Scandaling Made Easy - Quick Tips on How to Get YOUR Ideal

Ladies, look out for this book alright, written by mua, Trinity Tan, 35 years from now. And make sure it hits the NY Bestsellers List!!

The most important thing is BODY LANGUAGE. You have to show that you're not interested but you are interested. You know what I mean? Hahahaha..Its confusing but you have to try. Never show a man that you're desperate for his attention but at the same time, you want his attention. Dont get what I mean? I'll elaborate more in my next posting...keep reading guys

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