Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Pearl Ring

Well, here's the story about a pearl ring.

Its tradition, according to Brian's mum, that in his family, when the son marries, he has to give his bride a pearl ring, aside to the diamond ring and this pearl ring is a symbol of his heart. Its like he has given his heart as a symbol of his love, to his bride. And in the event the marriage breaks down somewhere along the way, she must always return the ring, as in the pearl ring, and its pretty much like returning his heart and letting him go so that he is free to love again. I know its a tradition in Italy where the guy gives the girl a pearl but never mind....we're talking bout the Hughes's family tradition here.

So basically, Brian and I, our marriage never made it past 6 months...

And guess what! His mum called me weeks ago and spoke about the ring. Thankfully, I hadn't sold it or its like selling Brian's heart to the store. Hahaha..So, back in May, on my way back from Wembley after Man Utd lost to Barcelona, I stopped by Ireland and met up with Brian. Pretty much gave back his heart and let him go for the last time but for once, we were able to sit down for a quiet and peaceful dinner and a nice warm chat. The feeling was surreal. I mean, ever since the marriage in Dec, we hadn't had dinner together even once in Singapore, neither did we have a peaceful chat without yelling at one another or making faces. I mean, way back in Singapore, it was like we're both invisible to one another. He comes home, he goes to the room and there he goes for the night while I'm out watching tv or snacking in the kitchen. Yeah, seriously for once, he asked me if I would love to catch the Singtel F1 with him this year. And I was like, I thought you gave up on F1.

So, I was pretty amazed and is still by the power of the pearl ring...

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