Saturday, August 14, 2010


Guess its true when people speak of 'justice' or 'whatever comes around will eventually come around'. Today, I got mine, alright. After 6 months of waiting, I finally got my share of justice. Patience is everything. Seriously, all I did was to sit and wait but I never thought it would come so soon.

Anyway, here's what happened today...

I got a call at about 3.00am this morning. Its not the first time I'm getting this, trusts me. Those sleepless nights, those rude awakenings I've been receiving for the past weeks. So let's say I thought it was the same old person on the line. But luckily it wasnt. It was Charlene on the line. Well, Charlene is actually Brian's wife. Yeah, Brian Anthony, my Ex. I know I'm supposed to actually hate him or her, but somehow over the months of knowing her, we eventually became friends and close friends, closer and closer until at one point, we were sharing intimate stuff. Like how close friends or you can say best friends share secrets. I remembered once, about a month ago, she told me about this one guy she met and that she was so happy with him. I just never thought that she would leave everything to be with him. So anyway, going back to the story, what happened was she called me up this morning and told me she was getting a divorced. And obviously, the spouse was Brian, my Ex. She did mentioned that I was the first to know and she would call him today. My gosh, in my head, I was thinking, why on earth would you do such a thing? And why must you put me in such a situation. Why oh why did you call me first? You know its like, I'm not the one you're divorcing. Call him. Call Brian! But on the other hand, I was on all smiles. I was like justice is served at last! And I won! And I deserved to be happy!

But when I looked back at the past, I soon realized that well, you guys were never meant for one another. You never liked him, he never liked you and you both were brought together by your parents. You were forced into this marriage. You both were living in hell for the past 6 months, though it did affect me indirectly for the past few months after Feb. But yeah, as I remembered, Brian continued working in Singapore after his wedding and she remained in Ireland as well. Strange but true. And I knew all these while that Brian was never happy from this marriage. The nights he used to call me on the phone, the long chats, the comments on Facebook. It still showed that he missed me. And I did somehow missed him too at that time. But not wanting to break a relationship, I took a step back and moved on, and never looked back.

So, should I say that I've regretted this? To be honest, yes and no. Yes because I love Brian, seriously and honestly, I've always loved him with all my heart even after the split. I don't know why. I never understood too. But I didn't want to open up to him, or to show him how I felt. It would just show that I'm weak. Although he did open up his feelings to me every now and then. But if not for him leaving me behind, I wouldn't have met Cole, the man I'm going to marry. So, No, I don't really regret my decision at one point. That's the worst part, the pros and cons of being the third party in a relationship. Err, well actually, I'm not the third party but Charlene is.

But anyway, I felt his pain actually. I saw that him changing his status in Facebook from Married to Single. Awww..and he was avoiding me the whole night. I could picture it in my head, the moment she rang him and told him about the divorce. How devastated he could have been or rather, did he in his right mind thought it was INDEPENDENCE DAY for him once again or maybe that I would give him a second chance? In his dreams, that's all I can say. The past is the past and there's no looking back unless......

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